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Ellie Zenhari started her teaching career in 2006 at Santa Monica College in the field of Photography and Graphic Design. In 2012, she joined the Art & Design Department at Cal State Dominguez Hills as full-time faculty and currently teaches photography, motion graphics, and interactive design classes.

Ellie has traveled and photographed around the world extensively. Her images have been exhibited in a solo exhibit
at the Angels’ Gate Cultural Center Gallery (2017, 2014), the Library Cultural Art Center at CSUDH (2015-2016), Watts Labor Committee Action Community Gallery (2015), the Louvre Museum in Paris (2015), the International Art Fair, Art Basel, Miami, Florida (2015), and Santa Monica College (2011-2012). Here work has been published in the “Special Merit Category” from Light, Space & Time Gallery in 2013, 2015, and 2017.


She is currently working on a collaborative project with Professor Dr. Price of Labor Studies (CSUDH) on the economic and environmental effect of automation and self-driven trucks in the Port of Los Angeles and it impacts on the local economy and the social fabric of the tightly knit port communities. 



As a visual storyteller, I see my images as a mirror to better understand the complex realities of the human condition and to discover intimate and “extraordinary moments” among the fleeting “ordinary moments” of both the lighter and darker side of life. Due to the challenges I faced growing up as an immigrant in LA, I have always been drawn to photograph marginalized communities that were impacted by adverse conditions and subject matters that I could relate to.

I use composition, angles, and light to create aesthetically pleasing cityscapes but with closer examination, the images often reveal and inform the viewer of critical problems such as economic inequality and environmental pollution.

I strive to remain objective and create imagery that is both aesthetically, and emotionally compelling. Yet, my intention is to invoke curiosity, compassion, and empathy from the audience and highlight the beauty in the imperfection of life and humanity. 

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