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Faculty Collaborations 2021

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Panelist at Photo LA & the Department of Photography at J. Paul Getty Museum 

Activism Through Photography (June 2020) 

> Photo LA Virtual Presentation

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SeeMe Virtual Collaborative Gallery

(Oct 2020)

> SeeME Online Virtual Presentation

Affordable Art Fair 

Group Exhibition: New Your City (March 2019) 

> Affordable Art Fair Week in New York City. 
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LA Living Space

Solo Exhibition: Angles Gate Cultural Center (2017)

An in-depth series of photographs of Port of Los Angeles on Environmental Pollution and Automation. See Gallery



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> CSUDH Newsletter

> San Pedro Calendar

> Angels Gate Cultural Center

Watts: Then & Now

Solo Exhibition: CSUDH Library Cultural Center (2015-2016)

An in-depth series of photographs of contemporary Watts on four themes: People and the Community, the Neighborhoods, Historic Sites (Then and Now,) and the Watts Towers. See Gallery

> Daily Breeze
> LA Times

> Q & A

> Community Engagement Symposium 

Articles and Presentations

- Redesigning & Reimagining Superhero Narratives & Essential workers (May 2021)

Redesigning and Reimagining Superhero Narratives and Essential Workers
Panel presentation at The Labor and Working-Class History Association Annual Conference, 2021 Theme: Workers on the Frontline

Michele Bury, Professor – Design
Vivian Price, Professor, Interdisciplinary and Labor Studies

Ellie Zenhari, Associate Professor- Design
California State University Dominguez Hills

Abstract: Our panel showcases student work interpreting life under covid. Bury’s students paired essential workers who are student artists or family members with a superhero of their choice. The result is a series of overlapping portraits between the human and the superhuman, symbolically and visually.  Poster designs of human/superhumans with articles of work narrate stories of baristas, nurses, construction workers, and more. Zenhari’s students created photographs that portrayed the look and the feelings and of what it was like to be living under covid. They also expressed themselves in video narratives that were deeply self-reflective. Price’s students used images and text to document how their work and family lives were affected. They told a multitude of stories, like working at home with their children, eligibility workers doubling as monitors at polling places and teachers’ aides drafted to work as covid testers.

- International Visual Sociology Association Virtual Conference (June 2021)


Seeing Green Issues  

Activism Through Photography: Imagining the Future, Changing Ideas, Vivian Price and Ellie Zenhari


Imagining the Future, Changing Ideas

Vivian Price, Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies

Ellie Zenhari, Associate Professor, Art and Design

California State University Dominguez Hills

Climate change invokes a great deal of emotion, from fear to anger and excitement. Creating visual narratives that cluster images and text around ideas can stimulate dialogue. Combining images with words and context provides the artist with more power to convey meaning.  Involving people who possess a stake in how climate change action takes place in the process of photo making, selection, and poster design while trying to tell more than one story demands a longer process of art-making. Following socially engaged artists such as Helguera and Lacey, Price and Zenhari have worked with port and oil refinery workers, as well as fenceline communities for many years. This presentation looks at the work they’re developing with students and workers around how climate change is affecting jobs, and how workers envision their future. This presentation is based on one that Zenhari, aided by Price, for the Getty Institute. See the presentation here

- A Journal of Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, and Critical Essays (2018)

> Visual Narratives and Political Awareness

- UC Davis Presentation, 2017

(info coming soon)

- UC Santa Barbara Presentation 2017

- International Visual Sociology Association (June 2016)

Curatorial Photography Work


“Be the Change” Protest Images By Cindy BendatCSUDH University Art Gallery, Carson. (2017)

> LensScratch
> Laist
> Santa Monica Observer



"We Will Be Heard" CSUDH Student Show at the Angels Gate Cultural Center. (2017)

A collection of student photographs from the Los Angeles Port on environmental pollution and housing and subvertisement posters, zines, and selected paintings, drawings, and mixed media by Studio Art students. Click here for more info on the exhibition.


“Portraits of the Human Experience” CSUDH Art Gallery, Carson.(2015)

A photography exhibition focusing on incisive contemporary editorial photo essays and portraiture.



> Los Angeles Wave

> Daily Breeze

> Signal Tribute


SeeMe Exhibition


Fifth Annual Exposure Award

LOUVRE Museum, Paris; 2015


Exhibited in The City and Beyond Collection. Louvre Museum, Paris, France  July 2015.


Also published in the City and Beyond Collection book. Click Here to View the Digital Photobook.



International Art Exhibition

Art Basel, Miami, Florida; 2015


 Scope Art Exhibition, Dec 2015, international annual Art Fair, Art Basel, in Miami, Florida. Click Here to see the digital book.




Light Space & Time Galley: Special Merit Awards


Light Space & Time Galley: 2017

Special Merit Award


Light Space & Time Galley: 2015

Special Merit Award


Light Space & Time Galley: 2014

Special Merit Award


Volunteer Service Award Recipient

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